What can you expect from a Yamaha Drum Encounters group lesson?

Lessons are one hour long and are taught in groups of 8 students per class (8 years old+).

Students learn new beats and rhythms on practice pads and then apply what they have learnt to professional quality drum-kits. The studio is equipped with new and modern practice pads and two drum kits.

Students learn by a variety of group teaching methods and are accompanied by pop/rock backing tracks. This is ideal for drummers as one of the many skills a professional drummer needs is to be able to keep a steady beat for the rest of the band.

Alongside essential rudiments, students will also learn how to play different styles of drums; such as Latin, Jazz, Metal etc as well as also learning popular songs to peak the students' interest. 

The Yamaha system has a strong emphasis on students learning through listening and playing before reading music. This unique approach is very intuitive and develops a good musical ear from the start. Students will also learn to read traditional musical notation to reinforce what they have learnt by ear.

At the end of each book, students have the opportunity to take an accredited exam using material learnt in lessons. Grades 1 – 8 are available, with Grade 6 onwards carrying UCAS points towards University applications. So this fun activity can turn into a career or aid progression into Higher Education.

For information on how much lessons cost and other specific information please follow this link to our FAQ section.

For further information on these courses, please follow this link to the Yamaha Music Schools official website.

Have Fun While Learning To Play An Instrument

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