The keyboard is the most versatile instrument and we offer two courses specifically written for two different age groups :

* Junior Play for Keeps for 6-8year olds
* Play for Keeps aimed at 9 year old-adult students.

What can you expect from a Yamaha Junior Play for Keeps group lesson?

The lessons are one hour long with no more than eight students at one time. This course is aimed at 6-8 year olds and incorporates singing, moving to music with fun choreography, playing the keyboard, reading/writing music and listening skills.

The books have fun pictures and are accompanied by a CD which contains the backing tracks used in the lessons. Parents are invited to observe the lessons for at least the first six months and the CD encourages fun practice at home.

The lessons are fast paced, fun and both students and parents enjoy a practical musical experience whilst using their imagination and making new friends.

Students can take Grade 1 after the third book and progress through the grades making this a fully accredited course.  After the fifth book, students progress on the Play for Keeps course where they can continue to Grade 8.

What can you expect from a Yamaha Play for Keeps group lesson?

The lessons are one hour long with no more than eight students at one time organised into similar age/ability groups.

Students are involved in group playing activities, solo performances, reading/writing music using interactive games and listening skills are constantly developed.  Students develop both piano and keyboard skills making them versatile musicians!

Backing tracks are provided to popular songs used in the lessons, making practice at home fun – even for those just listening!

Parents are welcome to stay for the lessons, although it is not compulsory. They are, however, invited to the final five minutes of the lesson to listen to the homework given and see/hear students’ achievements.

This course is also aimed at adults wishing to learn the keyboard and so new friends can be made whilst developing a new skill.

At the end of each book, students have the opportunity to take an accredited exam using material learnt in lessons. Grades 1 – 8 are available, with Grade 6 onwards carrying UCAS points towards University applications. So this fun activity can turn into a career or aid progression into Higher Education.

For information on how much lessons cost and other specific information please follow this link to our FAQ section.

For further information on these courses, please follow this link to the Yamaha Music Schools official website.

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