What can you expect from a Yamaha Guitar Encounters group lesson?

Students learn on both electric and electro-acoustic guitars, provided at the JJ's studio, and both group and solo playing activities take place each week. How to set up and maintain guitars are taught as well as essential music reading skills in fun, interactive games.

The material is based on popular Rock and Pop pieces that are learnt alongside backing tracks provided on a CD, making playing at home fun too. Lessons are fast paced, fun and students are playing straight away.

At the end of each book, students have the opportunity to take an accredited exam using material learnt in lessons. Grades 1 – 8 are available, with Grade 6 onwards carrying UCAS points towards University applications. So this fun activity can turn into a career or aid progression into Higher Education.

For information on how much lessons cost and other specific information please follow this link to our FAQ section.

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Have Fun While Learning To Play An Instrument

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